Adress Check in ELLA For Your Business!

Clean up your address database! Our service Adress Check allows you to find clients who have moved. Reduce the amount of undeliverable items due to missing address elements, unknown addresses or insufficient address quality with Adress Check in ELLA!

User Management

In the User Management in ELLA, you as an Admin User can easily manage all users of your company in ELLA. You can add or delete additional Admin Users at any time. You can also add and delete users with specific permissions at any time and adjust their permissions. With the help of these specific permissions, you can precisely and flexibly give your employees access to certain ELLA areas and functionalities, e.g., invoices & orders, contracts, editing company data, Business Post.Cards, the Bonus and chargeable services. You can freely combine these permissions according to your business need.

Your Feedback about ELLA

You want to give us feedback? Click here or on the feedback link in the sidebar to the right. We will regularly evaluate your feedback and consider it for our future planning. We look forward to receiving your feedback for the continuous development of the portal!