Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELLA?


ELLA, the Business Portal of Austrian Post, is a free online platform. As a sophisticated self-service tool, ELLA provides important information about your business relationship with Austrian Post 24/7.

You can use ELLA to see all your invoices, orders, contracts, and customer cards in one place anytime you want. You can easily edit your company data and manage users. In addition, you can use the portal to conveniently access many other services such as newspaper authorization requests, layout checks and franking impressions. If you need personal assistance, you can make an inquiry directly in ELLA. We are continuously adding new functions to the portal.

Yes, ELLA is available to you free of charge.

You will find the language selection for EN/DE in the left-hand side of the footer. All you have do to is click on the language of your choice. Currently, most content on the ELLA portal is in German only. We are working hard on the translation so that the English version will be available shortly.

Currently, it is not possible to place orders via the ELLA portal. However, we are working hard to make this service available to you soon.

Payments cannot be made directly via the portal. However, you have the option of seeing all pending invoices together or individually. In addition, every invoice includes information if the amount is pending, was paid, or a payment reminder has been sent.

Registration and Personal Information


You can only register after having received an invitation for ELLA. You will receive this information via registered mail or e-mail and it will include instructions for verification of your identity. For the identity verification process, you will have to provide information about your company and about yourself. In addition, we will ask you to scan your ID and upload the image. Afterwards, you will receive your personal access code and a link to the registration page. The registration starts after you have entered your access code and accepted our Terms of Use. As soon as you have confirmed your company information, you will be able to enter your personal access details.

By activating your account for ELLA, you can use both ELLA and services with your account.

If you would like to reset or change your password, you can do that directly on the portal. First, click on your initials in the upper right-hand corner of the header. Under "My profile", you will find the section "Login and settings" where you can change your e-mail address and password.

If you would like to reset your password, you can do that by clicking here.

Click on your initials in the upper right-hand corner of the header. Under "My profile", you will find your personal data and your company information. This is where you can change all data as needed.

User Administration


Click on your initials in the upper right-hand corner of the header. If you have admin rights, you can go to the user management page to authorise other colleagues to use the portal.

Per company, a total of 35 persons can have access to the portal.
As an administrator, you can delete any invited users, whether they have already registered or not.

As an administrator, you can manage your colleagues' access privileges. You can both add more access privileges and cancel existing privileges.

As an administrator, you have the option of deleting existing user accounts.

If you cannot access a specific area of ELLA, you probably do not have the required access privileges. Please contact your administrator.

Invoices, Orders, Contracts, and Business Post.Cards


On the overview page, which is the first page you see after signing in, you will find your first three invoices and orders. Click on "All" to get an overview of all invoices and orders. In the invoice overview, you have the option of searching for invoices by entering invoice numbers, delivery note numbers, and other information. If no invoices or orders are shown, you might not have received the required access privileges from your admin.

ELLA stores invoice and order data for a period of 18 months.

If you want to find a specific invoice quickly, you might find our search function useful. Go to the "My invoices" page and click on "Advanced search". After you enter youur invoice number, IMIS number, delivery note number, or order number, the desired invoice will be displayed. You can combine up to ten different search terms and divide them with commas. Entering just a few numbers will also yield a result. In that case, the system will display all invoices that include the numeric string in the invoice, IMIS, delivery note, or order number. The date filter is another option that will help you narrow down results.

To get an overview of all your contracts, please click on the overview page in the header. Contracts are shown in reverse chronological order. If you cannot access the contracts, you might not have received the required access privileged from your admin.

Most contracts are available for donwload in PDF format by clicking on the printer symbol. Depending on the system where the contracts are stored, some may not be available for download in the ELLA portal. Upon request, we will be more than happy to provide them manually.

The Österreichische Post system divides your contracts into individual product-related contracts. If your contract covers several products, ELLA will show several contract boxes. This allows you to see at a glance for which products you have signed contracts. You will notice that your 8-digit contract number might have been complemented by two numbers, which are consecutive numbers. However, behind this information, you will always find your consolidated contract (with the 8-digit number) that you can download directly via ELLA in PDF format.

Click on your initials in the upper right corner. You will find your Business Post cards under "My company data". The Customer cards area includes information about the Österreichische Post products for which your Business Post cards are valid. If you cannot access the customer cards, you probably do not have admin user rights.


Yes, on the ELLA portal, you have the option of ordering new cards, disabling existing cards, or changing your products' validity.



You will soon be able to view your bonus-relevant revenue on ELLA if you have entered into one or more bonus agreements. For each respective product, you can also find the agreed upon contract.

Newspaper Authorization


To request a newspaper authorization, please use the corresponding online form. You will be able to access this form even if you are not a user of the ELLA portal. Once you have signed in to the portal, some information will be pre-populated, which facilitates and accelerates the newspaper authorization process.

Contact Form and Complaints


If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns, you can get in touch with us using the ELLA contact form. Just click on the contact icon next to your initials in the upper right-hand corner of the header.

If you have questions about the entire invoice, please click on "Invoice inquiry" in the detailed view of a specific invoice. If you have a question about a specific item of an invoice, please click on the question mark icon in the table next to the invoice item in question.

On the contact form, please choose the "Item complaint" category. In the field "How can we help?", you can choose between item complaint and bulk item complaint.

In the "Letter-/Advertising-/Newspaper-Sendings" category of the contact form, choose the option "Layoutcheck & Postage Paid Impression" in the "Further specify your query" field. Depending on the selected product, either a Layoutcheck, a Postage Paid Impression check or both are possible. Please upload a copy of your item and make sure the address field is legible.